What can Volvo offer my fleet?

What can Volvo offer my fleet?

Volvo is one of the most popular manufacturers in the fleet market, and here’s why

Volvo has truly transformed its fortunes in recent years, with its models moving further upmarket to successfully rival the likes of Audi and Mercedes. 

And one of the areas where it’s really appealing is to company car buyers and fleets – not least thanks to the electrified variants in the range. 

So if you’re on the hunt for a new company car, here’s what Volvo can offer you...

A plug-in hybrid version of every model

Plug-in hybrids are incredibly appealing thanks to their low emissions and electric ranges – something that gives them a low benefit-in-kind. We’ll get onto that later, but why Volvo impresses the most is because it offers a plug-in hybrid version across its full range. 

That’s unlike any other manufacturer today, and means that if you’re looking for an affordable fleet car, a Volvo should definitely be on the shortlist. The Swedish manufacturer has also recently updated its fantastic ‘On Call’ app to benefit drivers of these electrified models – now showing you how many miles you’ve travelled on electricity and how much money you have saved by doing so. 

Free electricity offer

Plug-in hybrids can be impressively frugal if used correctly, but if you don’t plug them in very often, they can often be quite thirsty. And plenty of PHEV drivers in the past haven’t made the most of the EV ability of their cars, which Volvo is keen to change. 

So with a Volvo plug-in hybrid, you’ll be rewarded the more you use your car on electricity, with Volvo refunding you for a year’s worth of electricity, based on how much you’ve charged the car. Be quick, though, as this offer only applies to Volvos bought by September 30. 

Low benefit-in-kind

As mentioned earlier, the key appeal to company car drivers with PHEVs is the low benefit-in-kind, and it makes these models very affordable in terms of tax. 

Depending on the model you go for, Volvo plug-in hybrids have a benefit-in-kind percentage charge, which dictates how much you pay in company car tax, of between 10 and 16 per cent. That’s significantly less than what you’d expect from a regular petrol and diesel car, and makes these models very appealing. 

Impressive safety record

Volvo might be becoming increasingly well-known for being a manufacturer of electrified models, this firm hasn’t forgotten about its cars’ safety – another thing that it prioritises over the years.

Regardless of which Volvo you go for, it will be brimmed with the latest safety kit, and they are undoubtedly some of the safest cars on the road, as it continues to pioneer the latest safety assistance technology to mitigate any accidents. 

Comprehensive line-up of premium models

While Volvo’s line-up of models might not be quite so extensive as other premium manufacturers, its range offers all you need. From crossovers to estates, saloons and seven-seat SUVs, there is a Volvo model to suit everyone. 

All Volvos also feature similar modern styling, and a high-quality interior, which is a superb place to spend time.

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