Vauxhall: Which model should I choose?

Vauxhall: Which model should I choose?

Here we take a look at this popular brand’s line-up

Vauxhall has long been one of the UK’s most popular car firms, with its vehicles frequently topping the list of best-selling new cars. 

From superminis through to nine-seat MPVs, there is something to suit most, while the brand also has an increasing focus on electrified models as Vauxhall plans to go EV-only by 2028. 

But what about today, and what Vauxhall model should you consider? Let’s take a look…

Corsa – from £17,380

Currently the UK’s best-selling car, the Corsa is ideal for those wanting something stylish, compact and affordable. This latest generation is better than ever, with a higher-quality interior and improved driving experience too. 

Available with a range of petrol and diesel engines, Vauxhall now offers the electric Corsa-e, which has zippy performance and a range of up to 209 miles. 

Mokka – from £21,835

Vauxhall’s Mokka was back for a second-generation earlier this year and it’s a radical step up compared to its predecessor. With a particularly eye-catching design and tech-laden interior, it’s certainly got style on its side. 

The Mokka is an ideal option for those wanting a more compact SUV, but offering more interior space than a standard supermini like the Corsa. An electric version is also offered to customers, with a claimed range of 201 miles. 

Astra – from £19,740

The Astra is another mainstay in Vauxhall’s range, with this hatchback being an ideal option for families. With a roomy interior, generous equipment levels and particularly affordable prices, it will tick lots of boxes for buyers. 

Just be aware that this Astra is soon being replaced by a next-generation model, though you might be able to grab a bargain if you’re not bothered about the latest car. 

Astra Sports Tourer – from £21,190

If you’re looking for an estate car, the Astra Sports Tourer is now the only option from Vauxhall. However, that’s no bad thing as this model offers a large boot that will be ideal if you need plenty of load-carrying ability. 

It’s quite stylish to look at while also being one of the best estate cars in its class to drive. Just be aware that – like the hatchback – a next-generation model will be on its way in the not too distant future. 

New Astra – from £23,375

Vauxhall’s brand-new Astra arrives in dealerships at the start of 2022, and though the outgoing model is still an appealing choice, this new car is a considerable step up. 

It gets a particularly stylish design, along with a fantastic new interior layout that really takes the Astra upmarket. Vauxhall is also offering a new plug-in hybrid version for those wanting something electrified, though standard petrol and diesel versions will still be offered. 

Combo Life – from £23,015

Vauxhall is quite the expert when it comes to car-derived vans, and though the Combo Life might be its smallest offering in this respect, it’s still hugely practical. 

There are two body lengths available, though each has seven seats and acres of cabin space. Vauxhall has also more recently introduced an electric Combo-e Life version, which features the same powertrain as the battery-powered Corsa and Mokka models, and enables 174 miles of electric range. 

Crossland – from £20,395

If you’re looking for a low-cost SUV, the Crossland should be on your shortlist. With its high-set driving position, it gives you a great view of the road while also being easier to get in and out of. 

Though a similar size to the Mokka, the Crossland favours practicality over style and technology, with its big boot making it an appealing family car. A generous amount of standard equipment also adds to the appeal. 

Grandland – from £26,425

Vauxhall’s largest SUV is the Grandland, which is another of the firm’s models to recently benefit from a refresh. Now boasting a more stylish design, vastly overhauled interior and a raft of new technology – including Pixel LED headlights and Night Vision, which helps to improve safety at night. 

With its practical interior, it’s a great alternative to models like the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage. Like before, there’s a wide range of powertrains on offer, including a plug-in hybrid that can manage up to 34 miles on electric. 

Insignia – from £26,770

Not all that many years ago the Insignia was a big seller for Vauxhall. But over time, car buyers’ needs have changed, with many now favouring SUVs over saloon-like models such as this.

That said, if you want a large family car that’s sportier to look at and better to drive than your average SUV, the Insignia is well worth a look. Now only available as a large hatchback, this Vauxhall offers good value for money and generous levels of standard equipment, while recently benefitting from a light refresh, 

Vivaro Life – from £35,835

If space is the main priority on your next car, the Vivaro Life is the ultimate Vauxhall. This large van-based people carrier is available with seven, eight or nine seats and is brilliant at carting people around, whether you have a large family or perhaps own a taxi or minicab business. 

A high-spec Elite model provides plenty of bells and whistles, meanwhile an electric model is also available, though its 143-mile range might limit its appeal to some buyers.

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