Peugeot range 2022: Here’s what’s available

Peugeot range 2022: Here’s what’s available

From small city cars through to seven-seat SUVs, the Peugeot range has plenty to offer

Few brands have been able to transform their brand image around as quickly as Peugeot. 

Less than a decade ago it was predominantly known for its distinctly average cars, but now the firm makes some of the most desirable models on the market, with stylish looks and a high-quality interior commonplace across much of the range. Its line-up is also increasingly electrified, with a wide choice of hybrid and electric models available. 

Let’s take a look at what the 2022 Peugeot range has to offer. 


Peugeot’s most affordable car is the 108. While not as modern or cutting-edge as the bulk of the brand’s modern range, this city car appeals to those shopping on a budget. 

With its affordable price, low running costs and comfortable driving experience, it’s ideal for new drivers or those simply looking for something quite inexpensive. If you want a new 108, though, you will have to act quickly, as it’s set to be discontinued later in 2022. 


Peugeot’s 208 supermini is a car that’s really headed upmarket in recent years, with this Ford Fiesta rival offering a striking design and particularly upmarket interior for such a small car. 

While not the most roomy car in its class, the 208 is good to drive and gets plenty of standard equipment too. While petrol and diesel models are available, an electric e-208 model is also available, offering a range of up to 225 miles. 


For those looking for something roomier than the 208, the 2008 crossover is well worth a look. It’s the brand’s baby SUV and is also its best-selling car now in the UK. 

Offering a smart design and tech-laden interior, an electric e-2008 model is also offered, bringing a range of up to 214 miles. 


Peugeot’s latest model for 2022 is the new third-generation 308. It sees this Volkswagen Golf rival head further upmarket, with a funky new design, premium interior and good driving experience all setting it apart from rivals. 

Peugeot is also offering a plug-in hybrid 308 for the first time, which is capable of up to 37 miles on electricity. Petrol and diesel versions remain available too. 

308 SW

Peugeot’s most affordable estate is the new 308 SW. Rivalling the Ford Focus Estate and Kia Ceed Sportswagon, this model is far roomier than the standard hatchback and offers a boot measuring up to 608 litres. 

It’s also got the same upmarket interior as the hatch, while the SW’s sleeker shape means the hybrid can go further on electricity – up to 39 miles from a single charge. 


It was the second-generation 3008 that really helped to show this new side of Peugeot, and this mid-size SUV has been a huge success for the marque over the years. Bringing a roomy interior, stunning interior and bold styling, it’s one of the best cars available in its class. 

Peugeot also offers a choice of hybrids on the 3008, with a flagship version bringing four-wheel-drive and 296bhp – meaning it’s certainly not short on pace. 


Peugeot’s flagship model is the 508 saloon. Rivalling models from Audi and Mercedes, it offers a refreshingly different interior, high-quality materials and impressive levels of refinement and comfort. 

It’s packed with technology too, while a 508 Hybrid version is able to travel up to a claimed 39 miles on electricity. 

508 SW

If you like the 508 but want that additional space, Peugeot caters with the 508 SW. Its sleek shape means it’s actually not that practical, though a 530-litre boot would still be very useful. 

Buyers have a choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid power, while cool pieces of technology available include Night Vision that can detect animals and pedestrians ahead in the road using heat-sensing cameras. 

508 PSE

In the past, sporty Peugeots typically wore the GTI badge. But as the brand aims to electrify its range, its new ‘halo’ brand is Peugeot Sport Engineered (PSE) – and all the cars that come from it will either be a hybrid or electric.

So the 508 PSE’s petrol-electric combination kicks out 355bhp, and allows for a five-second 0-60mph time, comfortably making it Peugeot’s most powerful car to date. Available in both saloon and estate guises, the 508 PSE is certainly an intriguing performance car. 


The largest SUV in Peugeot’s range is the 5008, and it’s a model that’s frequently regarded as one of the best cars in its segment. Offering seating for seven, none of this comes at the expense of style or quality, which is a true credit. 

So this is a roomy and upmarket SUV that can be had for a surprisingly low cost. Efficient engines also mean it shouldn’t be too pricey to run, either. 


The Rifter is essentially the MPV version of Peugeot’s Partner van, but there’s plenty more to it than just that. Offering chunky styling, it's remarkably practical, with a vast amount of interior space on offer. 

Available in a choice of two lengths, and with up to seven seats, Peugeot now just sells the Rifter purely as an EV. 


If you want something roomy, they don’t come much better than Peugeot’s Traveller. Based on the Expert van, this MPV offers seating for up to eight, while it’s packed to the rafters with equipment too. 

Like the Rifter, Peugeot has recently elected to make the Traveller EV-only. While ideal for around town, its 148-mile range will limit its usability on longer trips.

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