Mini: What’s in the pipeline?

Mini: What’s in the pipeline?

This British brand has an exciting future ahead of it

Mini is a brand that continues to be as popular as ever. 

From its best-selling Hatch, which was the most popular new car overall in November, to its roomier Clubman and Countryman, the brand’s line-up has plenty to offer. There are a range of performance models to choose from too, while Mini is having an increasing focus on electrified cars too – with a plug-in hybrid Countryman and Hatch EV on sale. 

By the beginning of the next decade Mini will also only sell electric cars as the brand transitions to battery-powered models. But what can we expect from Mini in the coming years? Let’s take a look…

Next-generation Hatch 

The Mini Hatch remains the key player in the firm’s range, so it’s unsurprising that the formula won’t change too much when it arrives in 2023.

Leaked pictures have recently surfaced of it, boasting an evolved design, though the cabin will get a full makeover – with a smart thin piece of glass replacing the main touchscreen system and a head-up display standing in place of the traditional instrument cluster. The new Hatch is expected in 2023, with standard petrol versions set to be sold alongside the EV. 

New Mini Convertible 

Many manufacturers have been pulling convertibles from their ranges in recent years, but Mini is remaining committed to the drop-top market – perhaps no surprise when you consider it’s the best-selling convertible in the UK. 

So a next-generation Mini Convertible is in the pipeline, and it’s likely to benefit from all the same upgrades as the standard Hatch it’s based on – including the evolved design and high-tech interior. The British firm has also hinted that an electric convertible will be available too. Expect a full reveal in 2025.

Sporty electric John Cooper Works

Minis are renowned for being sporty to drive, and its hot John Cooper Works have a very loyal following. Even as we enter an electric era, Mini has committed to producing sporty EVs.

This has been shown off with the Mini Electric Pacesetter – a bespoke one-off car created to be the Formula E safety car. With a stripped-back interior and use of further lightweight materials, it’s 130kg lighter than the standard model, and hints at what a future performance EV may look like. 

Mini Urbanaut hints at futuristic MPV

When Mini revealed its radical Urbanaut concept car last year, few thought it would ever materialise into production. However the firm is now discussing how it could turn into reality, with a more practical model likely to be a popular part of the brand’s range. 

Even if the Urbanut doesn’t materialise, its stripped-back and flexible interior will go on to influence future models from the brand. 

Next-generation Mini Countryman

Since its introduction in 2010 as Mini’s first SUV, the Countryman has been a roaring success for the British brand, offering a more practical and versatile entry into the brand.

Though it’s now in its second generation, the third model will be on the way in the next few years. A few important notes are that production will move to Germany (from Austria), while Mini has confirmed that it will be offered with both conventional engines, as well as a new all-electric setup. 

New small crossover

But on top of the Countryman, Mini will make way for an even smaller crossover in its range. Though details are very thin on the ground, the firm has said it will sit in the ‘small car segment’ and will be sold exclusively as an EV. 

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