How to get a year of free electricity with Volvo

How to get a year of free electricity with Volvo

Volvo is giving buyers of its Recharge plug-in hybrids a year of free electricity

With petrol prices rising yet again, an easy of way of saving money on running costs can be by making the switch to electric and plug-in hybrid models 

While you might pay a bit more for these in the first place, you can quickly recuperate these costs once you start plugging your vehicle in. And even more so if you settle on a Volvo plug-in hybrid, as the firm is giving you a year’s worth of free electricity. 

Here’s what you need to know…

How do I get the free electricity?

In the past, drivers choosing plug-in hybrids have done so more for the tax incentives rather than to try and cut their emissions – meaning many didn’t utilise the electricity, and instead treated their PHEV like a regular petrol car. Volvo is keen to change that, hence this promotion.

So this year’s worth of free electricity is all about encouraging charging as much as possible – and you’ll be rewarded the more you charge. 

How it works is that you’ll just charge your car as normal – either at home, at public stations or at work – and then the Volvo On Call app will monitor how much electricity has been added over the course of a year. You must be the primary driver of the car and own it for 12 months. 

Refunds will be given through the Volvo On Call app for up to 3,000kWh, and calculated on a price per kWh basis, dictated by a third party. 

If I use my Volvo as a fleet car, can I still take advantage of the offer?

Yes, both fleet customers and private buyers can take advantage of this offer. 

However, the fleet owner is responsible for the agreement, and electricity refunds on fleet vehicles will be given to the main driver of the car. Volvo asks that this driver gets permission from the company or fleet operator, too. 

It’s also worth noting that one person can benefit from the offer, based on one user on the Volvo On Call app – meaning that if the car is shared with several users, only one person can be refunded for the electricity.    

Is there a cut off point?

Yes, if you want to take advantage of this offer, you need to act quickly and get your Volvo plug-in hybrid order in by September 30. 

What Volvos is the offer available on?

Volvo has one of the most extensive ranges of plug-in hybrids of any manufacturer – offering everything from the compact XC40 T5 to the V60 T6 estate and seven-seat XC90 T8 SUV. 

Other models available include the S60 T8 and S90 T8 saloons, along with the popular XC60, which is available with either T6 or T8 plug-in hybrid powertrains. 

Volvo offers ‘Polestar Engineered’ hybrid models too, which gain a performance boost, a sportier drive and more aggressive look. These are available on the S60, V60 and XC60 models.

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