Euro NCAP’s safest cars tested in 2021 revealed

Euro NCAP’s safest cars tested in 2021 revealed

Here are some of the safest new cars on sale today

Safety remains hugely important for car manufacturers, with many striving to continue to make gains in this area, and reduce the impact of any bumps or crashes on a vehicle’s occupants or those around it. 

Euro NCAP remains the leader when it comes to safety, with its rigorous testing aiming to highlight the models that are best, while also focusing on those that need to try harder. 

In 2021, the body tested 33 different cars from a range of manufacturers and segments, with two-thirds of those receiving a top five-star safety rating, though at the opposite end of the spectrum, some failed to score any stars whatsoever. 

But what were the safest cars of 2021? Here we take a look, based on the Best-in-Class and runner-up…

Small Off-road

Winner – Nissan Qashqai

As the most popular car built in Britain, the Nissan Qashqai is a hugely important car here in the UK, and the third-generation version of this crossover most certainly didn’t disappoint – especially when it came to safety. With particularly high scores in the adult and child occupant categories, as well as in safety assists, the Qashqai is a very safe choice for you and your family.

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Runner-up – Volkswagen ID.4

While not quite getting class honours, Volkswagen’s electric ID.4 SUV still proved to be an especially safe choice when tested by Euro NCAP last year. With this model offering huge appeal to families, high marks in all areas certainly adds to its appeal. With vast amounts of interior space and a range of up to 319 miles, there’s a lot to like about the ID.4.

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Large Off-road 

Winner – Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda introduced its first bespoke EV in 2021 in the form of the Enyaq iV – a large and practical SUV that continues to offer the great value for money that this marque is renowned for.

Receiving the Best-in-Class award, the Enyaq impressed testers in all areas concerning safety.

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Runner-up – BMW iX

BMW is rapidly expanding its range of EVs at the moment, and while its cars are brimmed with technology and major on bold design, it’s good to know the German marque hasn’t sacrificed on safety. So its new iX – BMW’s flagship EV – was highly rated by Euro NCAP, with its 91 per cent adult occupant protection rating being a stand-out.

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Small Family Car 

Winner – Skoda Fabia 

There’s often the presumption that small cars are nowhere near as safe as larger models, but the new Skoda Fabia proves that doesn’t have to be the case. Now in its fourth generation, this latest model impressed in most areas for safety. The Fabia is also more stylish and roomier inside than ever before, while still providing great value for money. =

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Small MPV

Winner – Toyota Yaris Cross

Modern Toyotas have been hugely impressive in Euro NCAP safety tests in recent years, and the brand’s new Yaris Cross is no exception. Like the regular Yaris supermini, this Cross model is laden with driver assistance features, helping to earn it a fantastic score in this area. Generous marks for adult and child occupant protection solidify it as one of the safest cars of the year.

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Runner-up – Volkswagen Caddy

MPVs that start out in life as vans can sometimes be a bit coarse around the edges, especially when it comes to safety. However, Volkswagen’s new Caddy proves this doesn’t have to be the case, with this spacious people carrier really excelling in Euro NCAP tests. As an alternative to an estate or SUV as a family car, the Caddy is worth your attention.

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Winner – Mercedes EQS

As one of the most expensive classes of vehicle, the Executive segment often gets some of Euro NCAP’s finest results, and the new Mercedes EQS proved no exception. It’s the brand’s latest EV, and is essentially an electric version of the S-Class – a model that’s often pioneered when it comes to safety. With a 96 per cent adult occupant protection score, the EQS is a terrific choice where wellbeing is concerned. The EQS was also ranked ‘Best Pure Electric car’ too, impressive given the many EVs that Euro NCAP tested last year.

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Runner-up – Polestar 2

Polestar is really making headway in the electric car market, which is impressive when you consider the newly-established EV firm’s ‘2’ is currently the only car it sells. Rivalling the Tesla Model 3, it offers a sleek design, well-built interior and – also – a superb safety record. It was nearly impossible to beat the Mercedes EQS to the top title, but this Polestar 2 got close, while also being the runner-up in the pure electric category too.

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