BMW range 2022: What’s available?

BMW range 2022: What’s available?

From affordable hatchbacks to electric SUVs, the BMW line-up has loads to offer

There are seldom few car manufacturers which offer such a broad range of models as BMW. 

The German marque’s line-up has always been expansive, but in more recent years it’s continued to grow more and more, now including further SUVs and electric models, alongside well-loved saloons and estate cars. 

But picking the right BMW for you can prove quite challenging. Here we round-up the range to find the right car for you. Please note we will cover the ‘M’ models in a separate guide. 

1 Series – from £26,450

The most affordable way of getting behind the wheel of a new BMW is with the 1 Series – an upmarket family hatchback that rivals the Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class. It’s fun to drive and has a great interior and is very well-equipped too. 

2 Series Coupe – from £34,980

The latest addition to BMW’s range, the new 2 Series is a car for driving enthusiasts, with BMW keeping the fun rear-wheel-drive layout for this junior sports car. It’s huge fun to drive, yet still has a practical interior and will be easy to live with too. 

2 Series Gran Coupe – from £27,980

Sitting between a conventional hatchback and saloon, the 2 Series Gran Coupe is a car for those wanting something a little bit different. Based on the same underpinnings as the 1 Series, it’s good to drive, spacious enough and has an upmarket interior. 

2 Series Active Tourer – from £30,265

You might not think of BMW as a maker of MPVs, but the 2 Series Active Tourer now enters its second generation. Ideal for those wanting something practical and spacious, this latest car is bolder than its predecessor, gets more technology and should be good to drive as well. 

2 Series Gran Tourer – from £30,210

Though based on the old 2 Series Active Tourer, the Gran Tourer remains a compelling option if you want a seven-seat MPV (its smaller sibling just has five seats). It’s good to drive and is very well-built, though it is starting to show its age in terms of design. 

3 Series – from £33,250

The 3 Series has always been - and remains to this day - a hugely popular model for BMW, with this saloon offering all the car most would ever need. It’s the best car to drive in its segment, while packing a stunning interior and an ample amount of room. The 330e plug-in hybrid is proving particularly popular these days, especially with company car drivers. 

3 Series Touring – from £35,085

Estate cars have been a big part of BMW’s range for some years, and the 3 Series Touring remains a supreme choice. Offering more than enough space, a smart design and brilliant range of petrol, diesel and hybrid powertrains, it will tick plenty of boxes for many buyers. 

4 Series – from £40,465

Essentially a coupe version of the 3 Series, the 4 Series is a smart, modern and upmarket two-door option that will appeal to those not prioritising practicality. It’s also superb to drive, and gets all of the brand’s latest technology. 

4 Series Convertible – from £45,800

If you want an upmarket convertible that won’t cost a fortune to buy and run, you shouldn’t look much further than the 4 Series. With a roof that takes just 18 seconds to fold or put up, as well as a smart new fabric roof (it used to be made of heavier metal), it’s also better to drive than ever. 

4 Series Gran Coupe – from £41,650

The most practical 4 Series derivative, the Gran Coupe is a great alternative to the 3 Series, thanks to its arguably more stylish design and practicality – helped by the fact its boot opens like a hatchback. It’s fantastic to drive, too, while the flagship M440i offers plenty of performance. 

5 Series – from £40,125

Another longstanding car in BMW’s range, the 5 Series is an executive model that can do it all – from its comfortable ride and sporty driving experience through to its high-quality and roomy interior. Fantastic engines – including the 530e plug-in hybrid - cement it as one of the best new cars on sale today. 

5 Series Touring – from £42,710

Like the 5 Series saloon, the Touring is an exemplary performer and ideal for those seeking a practical and upmarket estate car. Alongside fine petrol and diesel engines, BMW has more recently introduced a Touring version to it too. 

7 Series – from £73,305

If you want a taste of luxury, you shouldn’t look much further than the 7 Series. It’s BMW’s largest saloon car, and in long-wheelbase guise offers a great amount of room for rear passengers. Whether you’re the driver – or you want to be driven – this is a great choice. 

8 Series – from £74,665

If you value style and sportiness, the 8 Series Coupe is a top-tier choice, with this sleek GT car ideal for those looking to do longer trips. It’s got an especially luxurious interior, while sublime engines make it a great choice for those looking for a more premium experience. 

8 Series Convertible – from £82,115

If you like the 8 Series Coupe but want to add even more glamour, look no further than the stunning Convertible model. Even on those days where you can’t get the roof down, you’ll be cocooned in a stylish and particularly upmarket interior. 

8 Series Gran Coupe – from £72,615

Slightly oddly, the 8 Series’ most practical version is also the most affordable. Ideal for those that love the smart design of the standard 8 Series but are in need of more room – particularly for rear passengers – the Gran Coupe is an excellent luxury car. 

X1 – from £30,555

BMW’s most affordable SUV has unsurprisingly proven very popular over the years, with the latest X1’s spacious interior, smart design and good driving experience earning it many fans. The latest car is also available as a plug-in hybrid powertrain. 

X2 – from £32,495

An SUV for those looking for style over practicality, this is a sleek, high-quality option at the smaller end of the spectrum. It’s also one of BMW’s best SUVs to drive, particularly if you choose the top M35i model. 

X3 – from £44,205

One of BMW’s most popular models, the X3 has huge appeal to those looking for a classy family SUV. Available with a whole range of powertrains – including a plug-in hybrid – the X3 has also recently benefited from a mid-life update, gaining more efficient powertrains and in-car technology. 

X4 – from £49,630

The first of BMW’s coupe-SUVs, the X4 is ideal if you want something sleeker and more interesting to look at than your typical boxy car. Bringing a sporty driving experience, upmarket interior – and a decent amount of cabin space – the X4 is a very desirable choice. 

X5 – from £61,995

Possibly the most family-oriented SUV in BMW’s range, the X5 is a large car that’s also available with a third row of seats if you want additional space. It’s very pleasant to drive and is also available as a superb plug-in hybrid offering more than 50 miles of electric range. 

X6 – from £63,695

The X6 is certainly not an SUV for those looking to blend in, with this imposing coupe-styled model certainly standing out. That said, it’s a great choice with its fantastic engines, high-quality cabin and superb levels of technology. 

X7 – from £79,270

The largest of all of BMW’s SUVs, the X7 is a model that’s able to seat seven adults in comfort and truly excels with its stunning, luxurious interior. Its styling might not be as classy as a Range Rover but it more than makes up for it with its comfort and technology. 

Z4 – from £39,545

A model that can be often overlooked in BMW’s range, the Z4 is the brand’s only true two-seat sports car, and will please anyone looking for something fun to drive - though those after spaciousness might want to shop elsewhere. Strong engines and a great interior, however, are other reasons to choose the Z4. 

i3 – from £33,805

The funky i3 might now be one of the oldest electric hatchbacks on sale, but it’s more than able to hold its own. It was years ahead of its time at its 2013 launch, and today it remains a modern-looking, high-quality and fun city EV. An electric range of up to 190 miles is offered. 

i4 – from £51,905

Another new BMW, the i4 is BMW’s first electric saloon type of car, and is essentially the EV version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Rivalling the Tesla Model 3, it excels with its upmarket interior and fun driving experience. It also offers a long electric range of up to 365 miles. 

iX3 – from £60,970

Essentially the electric version of the iX3, this is a fuss-free SUV that’s already proving popular with buyers. It’s not especially rapid or particularly stylish, but does well with its practical interior and superb refinement. An electric range of 280 miles puts it ahead of many rivals, too. 

iX – from £69,905

BMW’s flagship EV is the futuristic EV, and is a car for those wanting something a bit wilder than the iX3. If its striking exterior doesn’t get your attention, its tech-laden interior certainly will. The iX is also roomy, while its electric range of up to 380 miles is one of the longest of any EV on the market today.

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