5 reasons you should consider a Mini

5 reasons you should consider a Mini

Here’s what this British brand has to offer

Since BMW revived Mini at the beginning of this decade, this British brand has continued to go from strength-to-strength.

With many of its models still produced at the original Oxford production plant, it continues to be one of the most successful car manufacturing firms in the UK, while its diversified range has always managed to remain stylish and relevant. 

Here are five reasons why you should consider a Mini. 

For the style 

It’s no understatement to say that many buyers choose Minis purely for the way they look, and it’s true that few brands have such impressive screetcred, and are recognisable by virtually all. Whether it’s the smallest Hatch or the largest Countryman, they’re all quite easily identifiable as Minis. 

For the most style, though, it’s the Hatch you want to go for, with its cool silhouette making it one of the best-looking cars in its class – achieved through design elements like big round headlights and chunky plastic trim surrounds. 

Huge personalisation options

Linking into the idea of style is Mini’s vast scope for personalisation that really helps to set it apart from other rivals. 

From the extensive range of colours and alloy wheels, to the ability to easily change the colour of the roof and mirrors, it’s not hard to make your Mini stand out. You can go a step further by going for a ‘Multitone roof’, which blends a range of colours together for a unique pattern. You can also add bonnet stripes from the factory, while inside the Mini if offered with a whole range of seat materials and colours to help make your car your own. 

Great fun to drive 

Mini has a great reputation for making cars that are great fun to drive, with its models being renowned for their ‘go-kart feel’. Even at a time when the brand is under more pressure to make its cars safer and more advanced – increasing their weight – Mini has always managed to ensure it doesn’t detract from the fun factor. 

This driving enjoyment spans across the full range too, meaning that whether you’re behind the wheel of a hatchback, convertible or SUV, you’re guaranteed to be in of the most enjoyable cars in that segment. 

Good range of models will appeal to buyers

It’s been many years since Mini was just a single-pronged manufacturer, with its range now including a broad range of models to suit a variety of audiences. At the more affordable end of the spectrum, the Hatch remains the best-seller, though now with the option of a three- or five-door, the latter adds greater practicality into the mix. There’s also the Mini Convertible that offers top-down thrills, but is still affordable to buy and run.

If you want something larger there’s the large Clubman, which features its cool twin-opening boot doors, while the Countryman SUV continues to prove especially popular too. 

Electrified options available

We mentioned earlier that Mini has successfully diversified to remain relevant, and nowhere does this show up better than when it comes to electrification, with the brand already offering both hybrids and all-electric options. 

Let’s start with Mini’s Countryman plug-in hybrid, which offers strong performance combined with low running costs, providing you charge its battery regularly. Its 30-mile electric range is ideal for shorter trips, while the petrol engine ensures you can do longer trips without having to stop and charge. Then there’s the Mini Electric – a completely battery-powered version of the Hatch. Boasting strong performance, a fun drive and relatively low starting prices, it’s a great way to break into all-electric motoring.

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