5 exciting new EVs worth waiting for

5 exciting new EVs worth waiting for

There are more electric cars to choose than ever, but even more are on the way. Here we look at the most exciting…

This year feels like a breakthrough when it comes to electric cars, with more new models available to buy, and a growing number being registered each month. 

This year has already seen Vauxhall, Skoda and Seat introduce their first EVs, meaning there’s more choice than ever – but even more electric cars are on the way in the future. 

Here are five upcoming EVs which could be worth waiting for.

Fiat 500e

Since Fiat revived its 500 in 2007, this model has proven a huge hit with fashion-conscious buyers wanting something fun and stylish. But since launch you’ve only been able to have it with either petrol or diesel engines – something Fiat is addressing shortly with the introduction of a new electric model.

Called the 500e, you’ll be able to choose it as a hatchback or convertible (the latter being the only electric drop-top available to buy today). But it’s not just a regular 500 with an electric motor, rather a bespoke model built on a new platform and with the best tech and interior we’ve seen from Fiat yet. A large battery for a car of this size also means it’ll be able to travel 199 miles on a single charge. Full pricing is yet to be announced, but will be revealed closer to the 500e’s arrival in showrooms at the start of 2021.

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Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s bespoke EV is set to be quite a radical departure from its existing line-up, when this interesting Mustang-inspired electric SUV reaches Ford dealers at the beginning of next year. That’s because of its tech-laden cabin, which features a huge 16-inch touchscreen in the cabin, a spacious interior and the option of all-wheel-drive. 

It’s also set to be available in a performance guise that will allow the Mach-E to sprint to 60mph in under five seconds, while a claimed 370 miles between charges will give this Ford one of the longest ranges of any EV available today. Prices start from around £40,000, with the Mach-E available to pre-order now.

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BMW i4

BMW has a lot of experience when it comes to EVs and hybrids, and over the next few years is undertaking a big electric offensive, which aims to have nine new EVs by 2025. One of them will be the i4 – a new battery-powered 3 Series-sized saloon, which will go head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3. 

Only shown in concept form so far, the i4 is set to arrive in 2021 virtually unchanged from the show car, and will have some impressive statistics to back up – including a monstrous 523bhp power figure (more than the new BMW M3 will have) along with a claimed range of around 370 miles.

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Mercedes EQA

Mercedes will shortly combine the popularity of its A-Class hatchback and upcoming ‘EQ’ range of EVs with the EQA, which will essentially be a battery-powered version of the A, but with a number of tweaks – not least its electrified powertrain. 

Set to arrive in dealers in the first half of next year, and well ahead of rivals from Audi and BMW, the EQA will bring the same premium interior and classy looks that the standard A-Class is known for. No official powertrain details have been revealed, but a range of 250 miles looks likely.

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Volvo XC40 Recharge P8

Given Volvo already offers a plug-in hybrid version of every model it sells, it’s taken them quite some time to launch their first EV. But with the new XC40 Recharge P8, it’s looking like it will have been worth the wait.

Based on the excellent Volvo XC40 SUV, this new electric model produces more than 400bhp, which allows for some seriously impressive performance figures. Volvo also claims it can travel for 249 miles on electricity thanks to its 78kWh battery, though all of this comes at a price – the XC40 Recharge P8 costing in excess of £50,000. You’re already able to order it, though, with the first deliveries likely at the start of 2021.

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