What is LPG, and should I switch to it?

What is LPG, and should I switch to it?

We take a look at what LPG is and how switching to it could benefit you.

What is LPG? 

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a hydrocarbon gas that exists in liquefied form, and is utilised for a number of things — most commonly propane tanks that are used for BBQs and heating while camping.

Here though, we’re focusing on Autogas, a form of LPG that is used specifically for cars. Compared with petrol and diesel, it burns much cleaner and produces significantly fewer harmful emissions though is consumed at a higher rate.

How much does it cost? 

LPG is much cheaper per litre than petrol and diesel in the UK, partially due to a much lower fuel duty rate.

At the time of writing, the average price of a litre of LPG is around 64p per litre, compared with £1.22 for petrol and £1.26 for diesel. After the first year of ownership of an LPG car as well, there’s a £130 annual VED rate compared with £140 for petrol and diesel cars.

Can my existing car run it?

You can’t run any regular car on LPG, rather you must buy a car designed specifically to run on it. It’s also possible to have an existing car converted to run on the fuel.

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Which new cars run on LPG?

Though many manufacturers in Europe offer a wide variety of LPG vehicles, they’re far rarer in the UK.

In fact, Dacia is the only major manufacturer offering LPG-capable cars from new in the UK. These bi-fuel versions of its existing line-up have tanks for both LPG and petrol, increasing the flexibility of the vehicle.

Where can I fill up with it? 

A number of petrol stations across the UK have dedicated Autogas pumps, with the fuel as easy to fill up with as both petrol and diesel.

Not all have them due to the limited number of LPG cars in the UK, but they can most commonly be found in port towns and on major road routes to cater for European road trippers.

Should I switch to it? 

If you live near stations with Autogas pumps and don’t cover huge distances, LPG could be a good option to consider as its low cost would offset its higher consumption if you don’t fill up regularly.

The ability on Dacia’s LPG range to switch between Autogas and petrol adds to the appeal, too.

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