These are the most affordable EVs you can buy today

These are the most affordable EVs you can buy today

Think all electric cars are expensive? These cars prove that doesn’t have to be the case

One of the biggest barriers to electric cars so far has been the upfront cost, which is typically far more expensive than the equivalent petrol and diesel, though you do need to consider the ultra-low running costs that come with an EV. 

But as more electric cars come to market, it’s really helping to bring the cost of these models down, and also increasing their popularity, too. This has been reflected in the government’s recent decision to cap its electric car grant (£2,500) on more affordable EVs, with only those with a list price of under £35,000 not qualifying for the incentive. 

But what are the most affordable new EVs on the market today? Let’s take a look. Please note all prices include the government’s grant. 

Smart EQ Fortwo – from £19,200

Smart is well-known for its small city cars and they lend themselves perfectly to being electric, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this is all the manufacturer now sells, with all petrol and diesel options being dropped several years ago. 

And the EQ Fortwo gets the title as the UK’s most affordable new EV, with a starting price of £19,200. Its dinky battery means it can only do 80 miles on a single charge, though, meaning it’s only really a viable option for those in towns or who do small trips. 

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Smart EQ Forfour – from £19,765

If you go for Smart’s go Fortwo, you are – as its name suggests – limited to two seats. So if you want something slightly more practical, you should take a look at the Forfour, which is slightly longer and can squeeze in a pair of extra seats. 

While still small and not especially practical, it’s certainly a more useful option, though its 78-mile electric range is poor. 

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Seat Mii Electric – from £20,300

But if you want an affordable electric car that can quite literally go the distance, it’s worth increasing your budget slightly to buy the Seat Mii Electric.

Though still compact, it’s far roomier than the Smart models, while a significantly larger battery (36kWh compared to the Smarts’ 17.6kWh unit) means this Seat can travel an impressive 160 miles between charges. Combine that with a decent standard equipment list and brisk performance and it’s a seriously appealing compact EV. 

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Fiat 500 – from £20,495

One of the newest entries to the EV market is the new Fiat 500. Though it might look similar to the petrol model that’s been on sale for some time, this new city car is completely new – featuring the latest technology and a much-improved interior. 

A starting price of £20,495 makes it terrific value, though does limit you to a 24kWh battery that allows for a claimed 115-mile range. You’ll need to spend £26,495 to upgrade to the 42kWh battery model that enables an impressive 199-mile range.

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Volkswagen e-Up! – from £21,055

The Seat Mii Electric’s virtually identical sibling, the e-Up! is just as appealing as a small EV, and can travel for 161 miles. 

Though slightly more expensive than the Seat, you pay a bit more for a few more creature comforts with the VW and a higher-quality interior.

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MG5 – from £25,095

If you want a low-price EV but still need something that’s roomy, one of your best options is the MG5. It’s currently the UK’s only electric estate car, and offers a big boot and rear seat space that no other models can rival at this price point. 

Though nothing special to look at, good standard equipment levels, a seven-year warranty and a particularly impressive 214-mile range – the longest of any car on this list – make it an especially appealing option. 

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Nissan Leaf – from £25,995

The Nissan Leaf was the first true mass-market EV and it remains a seriously appealing option, particularly for those that want something more affordable. With a roomy interior, plenty of standard equipment and an easy driving experience, it’s an especially appealing option. 

Recent price changes also mean it now starts from £25,995, with this low price buying the regular 40kWh model that’s capable of a claimed 168-mile range.

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Mini Electric – from £26,000

Where style and driving fun are concerned, Mini’s Electric is hard to beat. This UK-built model is based on the standard Hatch – and looks remarkably similar – yet benefits from a zippy electric powertrain that arguably makes it even more fun to drive. 

Though a relatively small battery means its 145-mile range isn’t the longest, it’s helped to keep the weight down and means that Mini’s ‘go-kart feel’ remains intact. Priced from £26,000, it also undercuts plenty of other small EVs, too.

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Mazda MX-30 – from £26,045

Mazda certainly hasn’t followed the crowd with its first EV – the MX-30 – as styling and an enjoyable driving experience have been prioritised over outright range. Its 124-mile range therefore lags behind rivals, though it does make it the most affordable crossover on the market today. 

Generous standard equipment levels and a well-built interior packed with technology also means you feel like you get plenty for your money. 

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MG ZS EV – from £26,095

MG’s electric cars are proving a big hit with buyers, not least due to their affordability. And next up is the ZS EV, an affordable battery-powered crossover that’s available from £26,095. 

It packs generous standard equipment levels, a roomy interior and appealing styling, though its 163-mile range isn’t as generous as the more affordable MG5 that’s available for £1,000 less.

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