BMW: A full guide to the range

BMW: A full guide to the range

The BMW range is lengthy and extensive, so to help get to grips with the full line-up, here’s our guide

If ever a manufacturer was able to fill just about every sector of the market imaginable, it’s BMW. 

From hatchbacks to large SUVs to grand tourers, the BMW range is extensive for sure. And deciding on which model that works for you can be a challenge, to say the least. 

So to help you get to grips with the range and find the right BMW for you, here’s our guide covering the full BMW line-up...

1 Series – from £25,005

The most affordable way to get behind the wheel of a new BMW, the 1 Series is the firm’s only true hatchback and impresses with its high-quality interior, lengthy standard kit levels and fantastic driving experience. A sporty M135i also serves those wanting a hot hatch.

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2 Series Coupe – from £26,690

Based on the last-generation 1 Series, the 2 Series Coupe is a compact two-door model offering a decent-sized boot and seating for four. It also looks the part and is more affordable than you might expect.

2 Series Convertible – from £30,220

Like the look of the 2 Series Coupe, but want a drop-top instead? Then you should choose the convertible, which is by far the most affordable BMW with a folding roof, which can be lowered or put up electrically in 20 seconds. 

2 Series Gran Coupe – from £26,410

A brand new model for 2020, the 2 Series Gran Coupe is based on the latest generation of 1 Series, and is a bold and high-quality alternative to a traditional saloon like the 3 Series. 

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2 Series Active Tourer – from £26,615

The only MPV in BMW’s range, the 2 Series Active Tourer is ideal for those wanting something roomier than a traditional hatchback, but aren’t fussed about having an SUV. A 225xe plug-in hybrid is also available. 

2 Series Gran Tourer – from £28,510

Unlike the 2 Series Active Tourer, which has five seats, the Gran Tourer benefits from a third row, and is arguably the most premium MPV you can buy today – retaining attractive styling and a good driving experience, despite being a large people carrier. It’s a good alternative to MPVs like the Renault Grand Scenic and Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer. 

3 Series – from £31,110

One of BMW’s most popular models, the 3 Series Saloon is the go-to choice for many wanting an affordable executive car. It continues to have one of the best interiors in the business and is brilliant to drive as well. A plug-in hybrid version is also available and is a big hit with company car drivers. 

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3 Series Touring – from £32,935

If you have a family and want a spacious car outside of an SUV, the 3 Series Touring should definitely be on your shortlist. Combining all the great characteristics of the saloon with the practicality of an estate, the 3 Touring is a great option, and a new PHEV option has recently gone on sale, too. 

4 Series Coupe – from £39,870

Another new model for 2020, the BMW 4 Series Coupe’s biggest talking point is its huge grille. Aside from that, though, BMW is promising this model is better to drive while new mild-hybrid options have also been introduced. 

4 Series Convertible – from £42,155

Still based on the previous-generation 4 Series, this drop-top is a good option compared to the likes of the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet and Audi A5 Cabriolet. While its interior might be looking a bit dated, this model is still good to drive and surprisingly roomy.

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4 Series Gran Coupe – from £36,085

The most practical of the 4 Series line-up, the Gran Coupe is also based on the last-generation 4 Series Coupe, but remains a classy alternative to a regular 3 Series saloon. 

5 Series Saloon – from £38,600

Another mainstay in the BMW range, the 5 Series is a brilliant executive car that has a great interior and is fantastic to drive. A recent facelift also gives it more technology and a sleeker look, along with a new 545e plug-in hybrid option.

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5 Series Touring – from £41,155

The most practical BMW estate car offered, the 5 Series Touring is truly a ‘one car for every occasion’, with its mix of quality, comfort and spaciousness. You can also now choose it with a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the first time. 

6 Series Gran Turismo – from £44,570

Somewhat of an oddball in the BMW range, the 6 Series Gran Turismo is a combination of a large saloon car and a hatchback, offering a high-quality interior and a big boot. It takes its position between the 5 Series and 7 Series in the BMW range.

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7 Series Saloon – from £70,620

BMW’s flagship 7 Series saloon is an excellent luxury car and is a brilliant showcase for the brand with its clever technology and refinement. It’s a car you’d be just as happy to travel in as you would be to drive it. BMW also offers a long-wheelbase version, too. 

8 Series Coupe – from £73,500

Think of the 8 Series like a 7 Series Coupe and you get the idea;  it’s a truly stunning GT car with a glamorous design, luxurious cabin and great driving experience. There’s the option of either a V8 or diesel powertrain, too. 

8 Series Convertible – from £80,935

Arriving as BMW’s range-topping convertible, this drop-top 8 Series is a car you can happily waft around in serene comfort and luxury. You just pay quite a lot for the privilege, but with the wealth of equipment on board, it’s a price that many will be happy to pay. 

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8 Series Gran Coupe – from £71,435

The cheapest way into 8 Series ownership, the Gran Coupe is a more practical four-door option of this GT model. If you regularly want to carry people in the back seats, it’s the 8 Series version to go for. 

X1 – from £29,455

BMW’s entry-level crossover/SUV, the X1 is a surprisingly spacious model that is a great family car, and is also offered with a plug-in hybrid option. Sharp looks help it to stand out from the crowd too, while a raised ride height gives a better view of the road ahead compared with traditional hatchbacks.

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X2 – from £30,415

Essentially a sleeker version of the X1, the X2 is a quirky and relatively affordable SUV that’s good to drive and roomier than you might expect. A plug-in hybrid is also new for 2020.

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X3 – from £41,485

The mid-size X3 was one of BMW’s first SUVs and continues to impress with its spacious interior, involving chassis and premium interior. A plug-in hybrid is also offered, with an all-electric version also arriving in showrooms in 2021.

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X4 – from £45,125

A model you’ll either love or hate, the X4 is a coupe-version of the X3, which offers sleeker styling, if somewhat compromised practicality and a higher price.

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X5 – from £59,135

The X5 was BMW’s first SUV and now four generations in, this large SUV remains a brilliant option for those wanting a large family car. There’s the option to have seven seats, while the xDrive45e plug-in hybrid model has a 54-mile electric range – the longest of any PHEV.

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X6 – from £60,835

A model you’ll either love or hate, the X6 is essentially the ‘coupe’ version of the X5 and will impress you with its show-stopping interior, though the brash styling might not please you quite so much. That said, it does well when it comes to outright build quality, while all of the materials used throughout the cabin are of superb quality. 

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X7 – from £75,110

BMW’s flagship SUV can seat seven adults in absolute comfort and is a true 7 Series of the 4x4 world. Just be aware that it comes at a premium, and it’s truly huge in terms of dimensions. A head-turning front grille will be a constant talking point too as it practically dominates the overall look of the car.

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Z4 – from £38,165

As the only true two-seat BMW roadster, the Z4 is a model that offers a purer driving experience than the bulk of the line-up, and is an ideal fun weekend car, or to use everyday if you’re not fussed about practicality.

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i3 – from £36,025

BMW’s first EV and still the only electric car you can buy from the firm in a showroom today, the i3 is a quirky electric hatchback that impresses with its surprisingly roomy interior, fun driving experience and sustainably-made interior. A range of up to 188 miles is available, while a slightly sportier ‘S’ model is available, too. 

i8 – from £115,105

A truly innovative model that was well ahead of its time, the i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car that offers impressive performance and the ability to run on electricity for around 25 miles. 

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i8 Roadster – from £127,105

If you think the standard i8 doesn’t quite show off quite enough for you, then BMW caters with a stunning drop-top version of the futuristic i8 – a model that’s likely to be a future classic in years to come. 

Please note that sporty ‘M’ derivatives are available across much of the BMW line-up, which have been covered in our separate guide here

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