Best SUVs with coupe styling

Best SUVs with coupe styling

Looking for a sleek coupe-SUV? Here are our top picks

The SUV class has grown beyond all predictions in recent years, and to the point that there are now a range of body styles to pick from. 

One of the most popular is proving to be models with ‘coupe’ styling, offering sleek looks to offer that ‘coupe’ profile, albeit with rather different dimensions to your typical two-door models. 

Initially it was just premium models that offered these ‘coupe’ looks, but it’s now filtered down to the more affordable crossover end of the market too. 

Here are the top picks. 


BMW’s X6 was the first true ‘coupe’ SUV when it arrived in 2008, and 13 years and three generations later, it continues to lead the way at the premium end of the spectrum. Though its imposing styling won’t suit all – that huge grille can even be backlit as an option – the X6 stands out, that’s for sure. 

Though not cheap, the X6 offers a superb interior and class-leading infotainment system, and is also accompanied by a brilliant portfolio of engines – from fuel efficient to diesels to V8-powered ‘M’ models.

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Citroen C4

And to prove that not every coupe SUV needs a steep price, we have the Citroen C4. It’s a model that only reached showrooms earlier in 2021, and aims to blur the boundaries between a conventional hatchback and an SUV. In true Citroen fashion, it’s also bold, while its sloping roof means it looks far more expensive than it is. 

While many coupe SUVs tend to focus on sportiness, Citroen instead puts an emphasis on comfort, with the C4 having an impressively comfortable ride. With generous equipment levels and a starting price of £21,260, there’s lots to like about this crossover. An electric e-C4 model is also available too. 

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Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 was this German firm’s first coupe-style SUV, though – despite only being introduced in 2018 – there are now four models with this sleeker styling to choose from in the Audi line-up. 

As the premium brand’s range-topping SUV, it offers vast amounts of interior space, and a cabin that oozes quality. It’s also laden with technology, and also doesn’t suffer from some of the practicality misgivings that others on this list face. 

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Cupra Formentor

Cupra is quickly finding its feet, and the Formentor was its first bespoke model since it officially separated from Seat. It’s a sterling first effort too, as not only does it look absolutely fantastic, but it’s also brilliant to drive – feeling far more like a hot hatchback than it does a crossover.

Yet at the same time it would also prove a useful family car, while generous equipment levels and starting prices from £28,270 makes it more affordable than you might expect. With a range of powertrain options – including affordable petrol options, a plug-in hybrid and sporty 306bhp petrol model, there’s a lot to like about the Formentor. 

Renault Arkana

Renault’s Captur and Koleos are now some of its biggest sellers, and given they’re popularity, it’s not hard to see why the French firm has expanded its range further. The result is the Arkana – the brand’s first crossover to offer SUV styling. 

Especially from a side view, it’s a very glamorous looking car that looks far more expensive than its £25,300 starting price suggests. It’s also available as a full hybrid model, while gets plenty of technology included as standard.

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Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes was another early adopter of coupe SUVs, and you can choose from either the GLC or larger GLE in this body style. While both are credible options, our vote goes towards the bigger of the pair. While its looks won’t appeal to everyone, few will grumble about the quality of its levels of technology. 

Alongside petrol and diesel options, Mercedes also offers a plug-in hybrid model that’s among the best in the business. With its huge 31.2kWh battery – which is larger than some fully electric cars – the GLE is able to travel for more than 50 miles on electricity. 

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Toyota C-HR

After a spell of producing quite bland-looking models, Toyota has found its spark once again, with the C-HR crossover really helping to introduce more flair to the popular Japanese brand. The C-HR was also Toyota’s first coupe-styled, and is certainly an eye-catching choice in the crossover class. 

The C-HR is also purely available as a hybrid nowadays, while is surprisingly good to drive too. With a generous amount of equipment included – particularly on the safety side of things – it’s well worth a look.

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Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Porsche is quite open about the fact its popular SUVs are what allows it to continue developing its sports cars, and the Cayenne was where it all kicked off. It’s adapted significantly over the years, and is now a model that finally looks just as good as it drives. 

You can also choose it in a ‘Coupe’ bodystyle, which makes it look even more eye-catching. With a whole range of derivatives to choose from – including a plug-in hybrid – there’s little to not like about this Porsche. Other than, perhaps, the price. 

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