Best seven-seaters 2021

Best seven-seaters 2021

Looking for a new car that’s large and practical? Here are our top picks

When it comes to maximum practicality, a seven-seater is hard to beat. With the flexibility of three rows of seats – and often a huge boot – they’re ideal if you have a large family. 

There’s no shortage of seven-seaters available today, either, especially as SUVs have gained further momentum. Though this has been at the expense of more conventional MPVs, these types of models are still available for those that don’t fancy an SUV. 

Here are our favourite seven-seaters. 

BMW X7 – from £77,710

Kicking off this list is one of the priciest seven-seaters on the market today – the BMW X7. As BMW’s flagship SUV, it offers everything you would expect; strong performance, an impressive amount of space and a luxurious interior. 

Though it comes at a price, its ability to seat seven adults is a huge asset to a car like this – especially for longer trips.

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Ford S-Max – from £33,335

One of only a handful of traditional MPVs left on the market today, the Ford S-Max continues to put up a strong fight next. With its roomy interior – more so than SUVs of the same size – stylish looks and surprisingly good driving experience, it’s one of the best seven-seaters available today. 

Ford has also recently introduced a new hybrid model, offering lower running costs, especially for those that mainly drive around town.

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Skoda Kodiaq – from £27,650

Skoda is a brand renowned for offering practicality and affordability, and the large Kodiaq shows that perfectly. It’s the firm’s only seven-seater, and offers an impressive amount of room for all the family, as well as an especially versatile interior. 

Add to that the Kodiaq’s classy design and surprisingly upmarket interior and it’s easy to see why this is one of our favourite large SUVs on sale today. 

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Audi Q7 – from £58,570

Moving back up to the premium end of the spectrum, we’ve got the Audi Q7, which is this German firm’s only seven-seater. While vast in size, it goes into making the Q7 one of the roomiest big SUVs you can buy today.

The Q7 is also very comfortable and refined, while its interior is as upmarket as they come, while being packed with the latest technology as well. 

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Kia Sorento – from £39,360

Kia’s latest Sorento has taken a big step upmarket, with the model having an interior that could easily rival brands that you’d consider to be far more premium. It’s also got a bold new design, as well as a range of new electrified powertrains, including a hybrid and plug-in hybrid. 

Yet none of this has come at the expense of space, with the Sorento still being one of the roomiest cars in its segment, with a big boot and plenty of passenger space.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport – from £32,430

Land Rover offers a wide range of seven-seaters, including the Discovery, Range Rover Sport and new Defender. But Land Rover’s second most affordable model – the Discovery Sport – is also available as a seven-seater, meaning you can have that greater practicality without the steep price. 

Though the third row of seats are optional and best reserved for children, this Land Rover is still a practical choice nonetheless, while it’s also great to drive and very capable off-road, should you need it to be. 

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Volvo XC90 – from £56,135

Volvo’s XC90 has long been considered one of the best large family SUVs on the market and that remains the case today, with this big seven-seater offering vast amounts of space and an impressive safety record. 

Its interior is also luxurious, while being especially comfortable, particularly on smaller alloy wheels. Volvo offers a plug-in hybrid model should you want to consider something electrified, too.

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Citroen Berlingo XL – from £24,135

Seven-seaters come in all shapes and sizes, and often they can be based on vans, such as a model like the Citroen Berlingo. In this people carrier guise, it gains more attractive styling that helps to disguise the boxy shape.

It’s available in two lengths – M or XL, with the latter option coming as standard with seven seats. The interior is nothing short of giant, while even the third row of seats offer plenty of room for adults. Granted, it might not be very glamourous, but with generous equipment levels and a low price, it offers great value for money.

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Peugeot 5008 – from £30,010

Peugeot successfully managed to transport its first-generation 5008 MPV into a sleek and bold SUV for its second generation, and it’s been reaping the benefits ever since. With a classy interior and stand-out styling, this is a seven-seater for those that still want something stylish. 

There’s plenty more to the 5008 than just what’s on the surface, though, with the model being good to drive and – importantly here – very roomy inside.

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Mercedes EQV – from £71,465

What if you want an electric seven-seater, though? Well, the choice of models remains quite narrow, but there are options available – one such being the Mercedes EQV.

The latest model to come from the German firm’s EV range, the EQV offers seating for seven adults, while a 213-mile electric range should be plenty for most journeys. Usefully, it’s every bit as practical inside as the V-Class it’s based on, too.

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