Best saloon cars 2021

Best saloon cars 2021

The humble saloon still proves to be a great fit for countless drivers each year

Despite the increasing popularity of SUVs, the humble saloon car is still an ideal fit for many drivers. A hugely influential segment, saloon cars have proved popular for decades thanks to their combination of space, comfort and refinement. 

There are still plenty of options available today, too. So let’s take a look at some of the very best on sale at the moment. 

BMW 5 Series - from £39,275

The 5 Series has been one of the go-to saloon cars for many years now. Incorporating plenty of high-end features alongside an involving driving experience, it’s not hard to see why BMW’s mainstream saloon has enjoyed so much popularity. 

 There’s also a plug-in hybrid option available for those who want lower fuel bills, too. 


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Audi A4 - from £31,785

Audi’s A4 has always performed strongly in the compact saloon car segment where its strong build quality and discreet looks have proved popular. A wide range of engines ensures there’s something for everyone, while the inclusion of quattro all-wheel-drive on many models is a real bonus when the weather turns wet. 

The A4 was recently updated, too, bringing a sharper exterior look as well as a more technology-focused interior.

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Peugeot 508 - from £27,865

Peugeot has been pushing the envelope with its cars of late, both in terms of design and features. The 508 was one of the first in a ‘new breed’ of cars from the French manufacturer, bringing a whole new look that ensured it stood out from the crowd.

Those looks are backed by a good level of refinement, while it too benefits from a plug-in hybrid version.

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Toyota Camry - from £31,760

In terms of worldwide popularity, the Camry is right up there. Driven by millions of people the world over, the Corolla has an iron-clad reputation for reliability and efficiency.

It’s still a great choice to this day, bringing plenty of features as well as low running costs. 


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Skoda Superb - from £25,890

Okay, so the Superb is technically a hatchback, but given its long wheelbase and spacious interior, we’ll allow it to enter into this list. It’s easily one of the most practical options here thanks to an impressively large boot and loads of interior storage areas. 

It’s also supremely comfortable out on the road, while all of the engines in its range are smooth and efficient.

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Volkswagen Arteon - from £34,725

Volkswagen recently released the Arteon - a big, comfortable and distinctly premium-feeling saloon car. Incorporating a striking new design, the Arteon gets some of Volkswagen’s latest features but still ticks the boxes for refinement and comfort. 

It’s also spacious and good to drive, ensuring that it’s a true all-rounder.

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Ford Mondeo - from £25,570

The Ford Mondeo is a household name and for good reason - it has proved a hit with buyers up and down the country for years. Though it’s set to be discontinued soon, the Mondeo is still a great fit for plenty of buyers. 


It’s also excellent to drive and can really help to liven up even the dreariest of everyday commutes.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class - from £39,760

Mercedes-Benz has really thrown the technology book at its latest E-Class with a new widescreen infotainment system ensuring that the cabin of its mid-size saloon feels particularly space-age. 

It’s available with a variety of economical engines, while its level of refinement really helps to take the backache out of longer trips.

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Jaguar XE - from £30,210

Jaguar has a rich history of saloon cars stretching back decades so it’s little wonder why, given this experience, that the latest XE is quite so good. A revised interior has really moved the game forward, while the XE’s driving experience remains one of the best around. 

Its looks have been tweaked, too, finessing the already attractive design even further. 

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Alfa Romeo Giulia - from £36,595

Alfa Romeo shook the game up when it released the Giulia - a regular saloon that could out-perform all its rivals in terms of driving style. But this exciting experience is held up by a great-looking cabin and a spot-on driving experience, while the outward design of the Giulia remains one of the most attractive around. 

Rather than being some off-the-wall alternative, the Giulia remains a genuine frontrunner in the compact saloon segment.

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