Best hybrid and electric estate cars

Best hybrid and electric estate cars

Looking for an electrified wagon? Here are 10 great options

For years if you’ve needed something practical and with a big boot, but still at an affordable price, it was an estate car that was the default choice. 

Traditionally, though, these wagons have usually been found with a diesel engine under the bonnet, which poses a challenge in an electrified age. Thankfully, though, many manufacturers are working to introduce hybrid and electric powertrains to these spacious models, with a range of choices already on the market. 

So if you want a hybrid or electric estate car, what are your best options? Let’s take a look. 


While the number of hybrid estate cars on the market is lengthy, there are very few fully-electric options. One of those that is available, however, is the MG5. It’s a relatively new model, and one that’s proving popular, with a relatively low starting price of £26,495, long warranty and generous equipment levels making it a particularly appealing choice. 

Thanks to the introduction of a new Long Range version, the MG5 is also able to travel for a claimed 250 miles on a single charge, while standard equipment is very generous as well.

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BMW 330e Touring

BMW has offered a plug-in hybrid version of its 3 Series for some time, but has only more recently introduced the powertrain to its Touring estate model. Available with a choice of rear- or all-wheel-drive, the 330e’s powertrain kicks out 289bhp in all, while it’s also able to travel on electricity for up to 40 miles. 

It’s also great to drive and has a stunning interior, while the boot is only marginally smaller than that of petrol and diesel versions. Regardless, this is a very competent and practical estate car.

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Volkswagen Passat GTE Estate

The Passat GTE was one of Volkswagen’s first hybrid models, and even several years later it’s an especially appealing choice. While its batteries do eat into the regular car’s boot space, the GTE is still very roomy and offers a smart exterior design and premium-feeling cabin. 

Its tried-and-tested hybrid system is one of the best around, with its powertrain kicking out a combined 215bhp. You can also get up to 40 miles of zero-emissions miles out of it, which presents the opportunity for some very low running costs.

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Volvo V60 T6

Volvo has long been a leader in the estate car world, and even as we move into an electrified age, that’s not changing. While there’s the larger V90 wagon, we reckon the smaller V60 will still be suitable for most. With its combination of quality, style and refinement, it really is an excellent choice. 

The plug-in hybrid version is called the T6 Recharge, which produces a significant 345bhp, meaning this estate car can go from 0-60mph in just 5.2 seconds. Volvo has recently kitted it out with a larger 18.8kWh battery, which means the V60 can travel for more than 50 miles purely on electricity.

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Cupra Leon Estate e-Hybrid

Electrified models are playing an important part of Cupra’s line-up, and you now choose the brand’s Leon Estate with a plug-in hybrid powertrain too. It’s a similar system to that found in the Passat GTE, though offers a bit more performance thanks to its 242bhp power output. 

Cupra claims around 35 miles of electric driving, while the Leon Estate is – to our eyes at least – one of the best-looking models in this segment. With a tech-laden interior and generous equipment levels, there’s plenty to like.

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Skoda Superb Estate iV

The Superb Estate is unquestionably one of the best estate cars you can buy, and it’s only got even more appealing now Skoda has introduced a plug-in hybrid version, known as the iV. With its classy but understated styling, well-built interior and vast interior space, it is a great choice. 

As for the plug-in hybrid, its 215bhp hybrid system is identical to that in the Passat GTE, and means this large estate car can travel around 35 miles purely on battery power. Charge regularly and there’s significant scope to cut your running costs.

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Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

Toyota is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hybrids, as it’s a brand with far more experience in this area than most, so much so that the bulk of its line-up is now only available as a hybrid. Unlike other PHEVs on this list, the Corolla doesn’t need plugging in, though the offset is that it can’t travel for any real distance on electricity. 

There’s the choice between a 1.8- and 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid system, with both offering impressive efficiency – Toyota claiming up to 56.5mpg. With a stylish design, comfortable ride and generous equipment levels, the Corolla is an excellent hybrid estate car option.

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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

At the other end of the electric estate car market, we have Porsche’s Taycan Cross and Sport Turismo models. It’s about the ultimate EV if money is no object, combining a great driving experience with a stunning design and also a healthy dose of practicality. 

Porsche offers a range of versions, with the flagship Turbo S version offering a ridiculous total system output of 671bhp, meaning 0-60mph can be dispatched in just 3.1 seconds. The Taycan offers an electric range of up to 301 miles, as well as some of the fastest charging speeds in the business. 

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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Mercedes is another firm that has a fantastic reputation for producing excellent estate cars, and its models today are better than they’ve ever been. Where space is concerned, we’d go for the larger E-Class, thanks to its larger boot, though the plug-in hybrid’s capacity does take a noticeable dip. 

You can choose between the petrol E 300e or the diesel E 300de, and we’d be tempted by the latter thanks to its efficiency even once the batteries have no charge. Mercedes also claims an electric range of 32 miles. With the E-Class’s high-quality, tech-laden interior, this is an estate car that’s hard to beat. 

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BMW 530e Touring

Like BMW’s smaller 3 Series, the plug-in hybrid 530e is another model that’s only recently been available as an estate car. Traditionally found with smooth petrol and diesel engines, the 5 is very well-suited to a hybrid system too, especially as you get up to 37 miles of electric-only driving. 

With the 530e’s roomy interior, generous equipment levels and enjoyable driving experience, this is a hybrid estate car that certainly ticks all the right boxes.

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