Best executive cars 2021

Best executive cars 2021

Looking for a new high-quality saloon? Here are 10 great options

While premium SUVs might be grabbing a lot of attention - and sales - at the moment, executive cars continue to prove popular.

Whether it’s for those looking to one-up their neighbours in the car badge contests, or others who are looking for a comfortable motorway cruiser or perhaps as a company car, this class offers broad appeal to suit a range of budgets. 

So if you’re looking for a new executive car, what should you be looking for? Here are our 10 favourites. 

BMW 5 Series – from £39,270

BMW is a true leader in the executive car class, and we could have picked either its 3 Series or 5 Series on this list, but it’s the larger 5 that is our pick here. 

With its roomy tech-laden interior, impressive mix of comfort and sportiness and huge choice of engine options – including powerful V8 petrol, efficient diesels and plug-in hybrids – it’s a brilliant saloon car.

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Audi A4 – from £31,510

Like BMW, Audi is also a very strong player in the executive car class, with its premium models proving especially popular. 

Not least the firm’s A4, which offers superb build quality, brilliant engines and a great list of standard equipment across the range. A recent facelift also ushered in new mild-hybrid engine technology, along with a sleeker design.

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Skoda Superb – from £25,105

You might not consider Skoda in the same league as Audi and BMW, but you’d be foolish not to consider the Skoda Superb if you’re looking for a model of this kind - it firmly lives up to its name. 

With an astoundingly roomy cabin that embarrasses other models on this list, tip-top build quality and great a choice of powertrain options – including a new company car-friendly PHEV option – the Superb is a brilliant choice. With prices starting from £25,105, it’s also very affordable as well.

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Volvo S60 – from £39,680

While Volvo might be best-known for its estate cars, its saloon options are also very impressive in the executive car class. You can pick between the S60 or larger S90, but it’s the former that’s our pick of the range.

While no diesel option is available, a smooth petrol unit and an efficient and powerful plug-in hybrid variant make up for that, with the S60’s high-quality interior and cool design making it one of our favourite executive cars.

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Peugeot 508 – from £27,355

Peugeot has transformed its fortunes around in recent years, and it’s now in premium territory as a result. The model that has been influential in helping it to reach that status is the latest 508.

Boasting a striking design, a cool interior and loads of technology – including features like ‘night vision’ that can detect pedestrians and animals even in pitch black conditions – it’s a very good executive car choice, particularly in the top-spec GT trim.

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Mercedes E-Class – from £39,680

Mercedes is another firm renowned for its executive cars, with buyers able to choose from the German marque’s A-Class Saloon, C-Class and E-Class in this premium segment. 

But our pick of the range is the largest of the lot – the E-Class. With its stunning digitised interior, revamped exterior and exceptionally comfortable ride, it ticks all the right boxes required from a model in this class.

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Volkswagen Arteon – from £33,965

While it might be Volkswagen Passat that might seem the more ‘executive’ choice, we reckon the firm’s sleeker and more premium Arteon is our favourite of the pair. 

Bringing a striking design, loads of technology and the new option of a plug-in hybrid, the Arteon is an appealing left-field choice next to rivals from Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia – from £34,995

The Giulia signalled a huge return to form for Alfa Romeo when this cool saloon arrived at the back end of 2016. 

Going head-to-head with models like the Mercedes C-Class, it offers a lot more in the way of style than rivals, while also being superb to drive, regardless of the engine that’s under the bonnet. A recent update has also given it more of the latest safety technology and a higher-quality cabin. 

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Tesla Model 3 – from £40,490

If you’re looking for an electric executive car, the Tesla Model 3 is one of very few models available in this class, but it’s also a seriously impressive choice that’s proving increasingly popular, both with private buyers and company car drivers.

With its show-stopping performance, tech-heavy interior and electric range of up to 360 miles, if you’re looking to make the switch to an EV, this Tesla is a superb choice.

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Jaguar XF – from £32,585

In recent years Jaguar saloons have struggled to compete with their equivalents from BMW and Audi, but the firm’s latest XF is a fantastic return to form. 

Going head-to-head with the BMW 5 Series, the latest XF looks even better than ever, while gets improved powertrains and a fantastic new interior – the latter addressing one of this model’s main weaknesses. The cherry on top of the cake is that it’s also now cheaper than before, with prices starting from a very reasonable £32,585.

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