Best cars for dog owners 2021 (1)

Best cars for dog owners 2021 (1)

Looking for a new car for you and your pet? Here are the best options

It’s safe to say over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve become more pet-obsessed than ever.

More than 12.5 million dogs are now thought to be in the UK, with a third of households owning a pooch. And if you own a dog, there’s a good chance you’ll want to take it with you in the car. But not every vehicle is as suited to transporting your pet, and it’s why choosing the right car for both you and your animal is especially important. 

But what are the best options, let’s take a look?

BMW 5 Series Touring

If you have a dog, it’s hard to go wrong with an estate car. With a lower ride height than an SUV and a huge boot, it’s no surprise they’re so popular with dog owners. One of the best possible options is BMW’s 5 Series Touring – the largest wagon the firm offers. 

With its 560-litre boot, there will be room for even the largest of pooches, while a boot that allows the glass to open independently to the rest of the tailgate is ideal for letting air into the cabin if you’re leaving the car parked up for a short period of time.

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Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer

If you’re carrying a pet around, you really don’t want it to be in a car that has a firm ride. And of all the cars on sale today, one brand you can always rely on to offer plenty of comfort and a soft suspension setup is Citroen. 

Our choice though is the brand’s large Grand C4 SpaceTourer – a roomy seven-seat MPV. A big boot with a practical boxy shape is ideal if you want to fit a dog cage in the boot, while a low loading lip means most pooches will be able to jump in the back without too much fuss.

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What about something electric, though? Well, your options are generally limited to either a big SUV or small hatchback. However, MG has recently introduced a new EV estate that aims to shake things up a bit, and is also the first electric car to adopt this body style. 

Offering a practical 464-litre boot, it’s ideal if you have a dog or two, while also getting a generous amount of standard equipment. With a starting price of £26,495 (after the government grant has been deducted), it’s also one of the more affordable EVs on the market today. MG has also recently introduced a Long Range model that offers 250 miles of range between charges – meaning cross-country treks with your pet will easily be possible.

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Mini Clubman

Minis might seem the most obvious choice of cars if you’re wanting to take your dog with you, but this brand is putting a lot of focus on ensuring dogs can travel happier in its cars, and has recently teamed up with leading charity Dogs Trust. From next year, dogs will even be allowed in the brand’s nationwide showrooms. 

But which Mini models make the most sense? Well, you could choose either the Clubman or Countryman, but our vote would go the former. With its funky twin-opening rear doors, it makes the Clubman very accessible, while it’s also accompanied by funky styling and an enjoyable driving experience for you as the driver. A range of dog accessories are also officially sold by Mini.

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Skoda Superb Estate

If you want maximum boot space, there really aren’t many better options available than Skoda’s Superb Estate. With its 660-litre boot, it eclipses just about every other estate car on the market and is ideal if you have multiple dogs or just the one that’s Saint Bernard-sized. 

There’s more to the Superb than just its big boot, though, as it’s also very well-equipped, great value for money and has acres of rear seat space. Skoda also offers a plug-in hybrid model that could be ideal for those shorter trips for dog walks, thanks to its 35-mile electric range. 

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