5 Best pick-up trucks 2021

5 Best pick-up trucks 2021

Looking for a new pick-up? Here are the five best options

Gone were the days when pick-ups were just used as trusty workhorses – no, these trucks are now very desirable for a range of buyers, thanks to their cool looks and ‘lifestyle’ qualities. 

Sales of these models continue to grow, and while there aren’t as many models to choose from as you’d find in other segments, it remains a very competitive area of the market. 

So if you’re looking for a new pick-up, what should you be looking for? Here are five favourite options. 

Ford Ranger – from £21,545 (excl VAT)

Like in both the car and van world, Ford also dominates when it comes to pick-ups, with the Ranger being by far the most popular model in the truck market. 

Thanks to its mix of style, punchy engines and car-like interior, this Ford is a seriously impressive option. It’s also the best pick-up to drive by some margin – having better on-road manners than many of its rivals, though still being pretty handy when the going gets tough. The latter is especially true of the flagship Raptor model, which delivers chunky looks and exceptional off-road ability thanks to its reworked underpinnings. 

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Toyota Hilux – from £22,645 (excl VAT)

The Toyota Hilux is renowned for its unstoppable nature, and while the model might have moved upmarket over the years, its rugged and dependable focus has never been lost. 

But it’s now a lot more than that – not least with the latest 2021 update. This has ushered in a new 2.8-litre diesel engine that’s noticeably more responsive, but no less efficient than the unit it replaces. The styling also looks more aggressive than ever, while reworked suspension makes it better on tarmac than ever before. Like the Ranger, though, the same range of utilitarian models are on offer for those not so fussed about all the latest technology.

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Nissan Navara – from £22,650 (excl VAT)

The Nissan Navara has long been one of the most popular pick-ups around, and that remains today, with this stylish-looking model adding a bit more glamour to the pick-up world than its rivals. 

The Navara also has one of the best interiors in the pick-up class and features some of the best on-road manners, too – feeling comfortable and being a great companion if the majority of your driving is on tarmac, rather than off the beaten track. It’s undoubtedly one of the most accomplished trucks around.

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Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen helped to take the pick-up market to new heights with the introduction of its Amarok in 2011. With superb build quality and a classy design, it helped to broaden the appeal of pick-ups to a new range of buyers.

Smooth and powerful V6 diesel engines make the Amarok a joy to use, while it also offers the most car-like road manners of any pick-up, while delivering a more premium image than its rivals can muster. Unfortunately, Volkswagen discontinued its pick-up in 2020, though some dealers still have pre- or unregistered models you can get your hands on.

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SsangYong Musso LWB – from £22,355 (excl VAT) 

SsangYong has seriously upped its game in recent years, shaking off its more agricultural roots as it has moved further into the mainstream. And it’s in the pick-up world where you can see this best, with the brand’s Musso, which has a surprisingly good interior and is very refined and comfortable as well.

But the stand-out Musso is the new long-wheelbase model, which has a 30cm longer load bed than the standard truck, and at 1.61m is the longest of any pick-up you can buy today. It’s exceptionally useful if you intend to use your truck as a workhorse, that’s for sure.

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