5 best cars with big boots

5 best cars with big boots

Looking for a new car, but needing a large boot? Here are five great options, of all bodytypes

With a staycation likely on the horizon this year as lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, making sure you have the right car for the job is key. 

And having a big enough boot for everything you might want to take with you is important – you don’t want to find your current car is too small for the job, after all. 

So if you’re looking for the best cars with a big boot, here are five great options…

Skoda Superb Estate – from £26,135

While SUVs might have stolen the thunder of estate cars and MPVs in recent years, you can’t argue about the practicality of these tourers – particularly the Skoda Superb Estate. As Skoda’s flagship model, the Superb impresses in many areas, including quality, comfort and value for money. 

But arguably its best asset is its practicality. Alongside its luxury car-like levels of rear-seat space, the Superb Estate has an enormous 660-litre boot that feels like it stretches back for miles. Drop the rear seats and it offers a total of 1,950 litres – something no other estate car can beat. 

BMW X7 – from £75,110

Just because you want a big boot, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have something luxurious, which is exactly what the BMW X7 proves. 

As BMW’s flagship SUV, the X7 is quite simply huge and is one of the most imposing SUVs around, and there are few better cars from getting one end of the country to the other in absolute comfort. It can also seat seven adults with ease, which is something that can’t be said for many cars. Even with seven seats in place, the X7 has a 326-litre boot – more than the Ford Fiesta – and with five, it opens up 750 litres. But fold all but the front two seats flat (something you can do at the touch of a button), and it leaves an outstanding 2,120 litres. 

Citroen Berlingo – from £21,610

While van-based MPVs are hardly the most premium and stylish choices available, if you’re wanting a big boot on a budget, it’s hard to look past these boxy and impressively practical models. And one of your best options is the Citroen Berlingo. Being smaller than other van-based MPVs, this Citroen is worth considering. 

Its cabin offers superb headroom and an impressive amount of cubby holes throughout, and whether you opt for the regular ‘M’ or longer ‘XL’ wheelbase version, the boot is huge. Even standard models have 775 litres of boot space, with the XL’s extra 35m of length increasing this to a superb 1,050 litres. Yet, load the ‘XL’ to its roof and fodl the back seats down and it will deliver an outrageous 4,000 litres of room. 

Ford S-Max – from £31,150

While Ford might be putting a greater focus on its crossovers and SUVs these days, its MPVs are still some of the best around. You can choose from either the Galaxy or S-Max, and while the former might be marginally bigger, the S-Max is better looking and also better to drive as well. 

It’s also still very roomy – offering seven seats, though the third row is best for children, and an impressively large boot. With seven seats up, the boot measures 285 litres, while folding the two sets of rear seats down opens up 2,020 litres of room, which offers van-like levels of space.

Peugeot 5008 – from £28,480

Peugeot has transformed its range in recent years, and a big way of doing that is by transforming some of its once-MPVs into crossovers and SUVs. Take the 5008, which was a boxy and rather dull MPV in its first outing, but in 2017 Peugeot adapted it into a super-stylish SUV. 

As well as being good to drive and having a high-quality interior, Peugeot hasn’t forgotten about the need for it to be practical. While, like the S-Max, the rear seats are best kept for children, the 5008 still has a very roomy cabin. With five seats in place, it offers a large 780-litre boot, which is ideal for carrying luggage for holidays for weeks away.

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