5 best alternatives to the Suzuki Jimny

5 best alternatives to the Suzuki Jimny

We take a look at the Suzuki Jimnys rivals — including the obvious and less-so.

We’re big fans of the Suzuki Jimny. It’s easily one of the most characterful cars on the market, backed by seriously impressive off-road capabilities.

Sadly though, recent changes to emissions regulations mean it will go off sale in 2021 — with only a limited number of examples set to arrive in the UK this year as well. With that in mind, we take a look at what alternatives are out there…

Dacia Duster

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Perhaps the most direct rival to the Jimny in both price and size is the Dacia Duster, with 4x4 versions available from £17,995.

Though not as rugged as the dedicated off-roading Jimny, the Duster can certainly hold its own when it comes to tough mudding while adding more everyday comfort into the mix. There’s also the choice of a strong-performing TCe 150 petrol engine or frugal and torquey dCi 115 diesel option.

Jeep Wrangler

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Looking for a no-compromise off-roader as an alternative to a Jimny? The Jeep Wrangler might be up your street. The American 4x4 icon is as capable on the rough stuff as anything else out there, while offering a more comfortable interior than the Jimny. Its look is like nothing else on the road too and will be sure to turn heads.

Land Rover Defender

If a Wrangler is a bit too shouty in nature, how about the new Land Rover Defender? This reborn legend is a little more understated but certainly just as capable at hitting the rough stuff.

A clever new chassis design improves go-anywhere ability while much-improving refinement over its predecessor, with a host of cutting-edge technologies adding to the overall package.

Fiat Panda Cross 4x4

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Though the Panda Cross 4x4 isn’t a ground-up go-anywhere design in the same vein as the Jimny, it’s an impressively capable take on Fiat’s city car.

As well as mechanically fitting the part, a jacked-up ride height, bulky visual additions and chunky tyres all help to give the Cross 4x4 a look that matches the ability.

Skoda Karoq

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Skoda’s Karoq may not seem the obvious choice as an alternative to a Suzuki Jimny, but it’s a compelling option if you’re looking for a practical and capable crossover.

Five can be seated in excellent comfort — which can’t be said for the Jimny — while 4x4 Scout versions have the ability to take on some pretty tough terrains and could surprise a Land Rover or two.

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