10 Best new EVs for less than £30,000

10 Best new EVs for less than £30,000

Looking for an affordable new electric car? Here are five great options that won’t break the bank

It’s widely known that electric cars do cost more to buy the equivalent petrol and diesel car, though you can quite quickly recuperate this expense thanks to the low running costs. 

Yet the price of the car itself continues to put many off from making the switch to battery-powered motoring. However, as EVs continue to become more affordable, a range of lower-priced electric models are now available.

Here are 10 great new EVs for less than £30,000, with all prices being inclusive of the government’s £3,000 electric car grant. 

Mini Electric – from £25,500

If you’re looking for a fun new EV, there are few better options than the Mini Electric. This is one of the best battery-powered models to drive, bringing an experience just like the Mini Hatch does with its strong performance and nimble handling. 

You also get cool Mini styling and plenty of tech – including an 8.8-inch touchscreen and digital dials as standard. The 145-mile range isn’t the best on this list, but should be plentiful for plenty for smaller trips.

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Fiat 500 – from £19,995

Fiat has dominated the city car segment since its ‘500’ was reborn in 2007, and now the model is available as an EV for the first time, though is all-new compared to its petrol-powered sibling. 

Retaining the cool styling this model is famed for, the new 500 gets a host of new tech, while its electric range of up to 199 miles is seriously impressive for such a small car. With prices starting from less than £20,000, this Fiat is one hugely appealing EV.

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Honda e – from £27,160

Honda is certainly standing out from the crowd with its first electric car – the ‘e’. From its fun driving experience to its concept car-like styling, this EV is one of the coolest you can buy today. 

It’s also a serious showcase for technology, as it comes with features such as digital camera-based door mirrors, along with a dashboard that’s made of up five screens. The e is best used as a city car, though, due to its relatively small 137-mile range.

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Volkswagen ID.3 – from £29,990

Volkswagen has recently kickstarted its new electric range with its ID.3 – a brand-new EV that shapes this brand’s future. 

But despite all its new tech and generous 263-mile range, this Volkswagen still slots under the £30,000 threshold. With practicality and a good driving experience, it’s one of the best EVs on the market today.

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MG5  – from £24,495

MG is a brand that’s continuing to grow in the UK, and a key driver behind its success are its value-packed electric cars. 

Buyers can choose the ZS EV crossover or its new ‘MG5’ – the UK’s first electric estate car. With a low price, a practical interior and a generous 214-mile electric range, this model is a brilliant no-frills EV.

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Peugeot e-208 – from £26,725

Peugeot’s new mantra is to give buyers the choice of powertrain that works for them, which is why the brand’s latest 208 supermini is available as a petrol, diesel and an EV.

With its striking design, high-quality interior and ability to travel for up to 217 miles on a single charge, the e-208 is an ideal premium compact electric car.

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Seat Mii Electric – from £19,800

The Seat Mii might have been around for a while with petrol engines, but this fun city car was given a new lease of life when the manufacturer scrapped the combustion models and just offered it as an EV.

With a surprisingly roomy interior for such a small car, an impressive 160-mile electric range and a bargain starting price of just £19,800 (making it one of the cheapest new EVs), there is plenty going for the Mii Electric.

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Mazda MX-30 – from £25,545

Mazda has so resisted any major kind of electrification, but that changes in 2021 with the brand’s new MX-30 – a cool new EV crossover that’s loosely based on the firm’s brilliant CX-30. 

While a 124-mile electric range limits its appeal, the MX-30’s striking design, great driving experience and relatively affordable starting price makes it a very credible EV, providing you don’t do too many miles.

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Citroen e-C4 – from £29,180

Citroen’s new e-C4 begins in good stead as it shares its underpinnings with the Peugeot e-208, but adds a cool crossover body and an exceptionally comfortable price. 

It’s also quite practical, being a similar size to something like the Ford Focus, while offers an exceptional comfortable ride – something Citroen is renowned for. With a range of 217 miles, it could prove to be the ideal everyday EV. 

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Renault Zoe – from £26,995

Renault is a leader in the electric car world, and its Zoe continues to be hugely popular – in fact it’s the best-selling EV across Europe. 

The latest model is even more appealing, with Renault using a new 52kWh battery that allows for an impressive 245-mile electric range, along with getting a higher-quality interior. Keen pricing and plenty of standard equipment add to the appeal, too.

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